The practice of Do Something New™ each day since July 8, 2011 has been a journey—I do one to five new things a day. It is a simple practice of looking at the world around me and intentionally discovering something that I have not seen or done or experienced before, to attend to these adventures and sightings and to explore new places, new people, new experiences, new experiences with old friends, new big or little things and lots of new flavors of ice cream!

Importantly, over the past years the Do Something New™ practice has provided a daily focus that keeps me challenged, creative, engaged and excited in mind, body and spirit.  

This is my practice as I wrote it on July 8, 2011:  


 Is a celebration of each day to do something I have not done before.

To take a few minutes of an ordinary day and make it extraordinary by exploring:

  1. New places
  2. New people
  3. New experiences
  4. New experiences with old friends in new ways
  5. New big things & new little things
  6. New flavors of ice cream are ok!
  7. Cannot be work or medical
  8. Cannot carry forward to the next day


The Do Something New Practice  focuses my attention:

Celebrations of the delights of a day.

Connections to other people and places to create new experiences and memories.

Creativity an essential part of the human spirit is manifested in  many ways in our daily life—gardening, cooking, sailing, painting, reading, writing, singing, and loving are but a few.

Recovery from illnesses is real work.  It is process that takes time and commitment and it is not always and easy one. 

Renewal of the human spirit, body and mind  take time and energy. Looking for something new to do can give a focus for the day.

Resilience is an important ability to recover from difficulties and stress, to spring back be strong, healthy and enthusiastic.


Things that I have learned from my Do Something New practice

Be compassionate with myself and with others

Do what gives you joy! 

Stay in the moment—see and experience in new ways—the taste of an orange, the sound of a page flipping over

Embrace Solitude - being alone is part of healing learn to be  with yourself.

Be Playful

Be Grateful

Not everything Something New is Something Good! Accidents happen, things are lost, broken and tragedy is part of living. It is how you deal with these occurances  that matters.

Commit to documentation— keep a journal, make lists and take  photos what ever your want to do to remind yourself of the events and moments.